On Timing

Sometimes it's not about working hard, or giving it everything you've got,
Sometimes it's not about chasing your dreams 
or being better, or trying harder, or fighting harder.
Sometimes it's about timing. 
and sometimes, timing can be a dick. 
You can work hard enough, 
you can do everything right.
and you get screwed by that wily bitch right at the finish line.
And it sucks.
But that's okay, 
Recognise that it sucks - Cry, Scream, Yell, Throw all the things. 
then let it go.
Because sometimes it's not about working hard,
sometimes it's about things happening, when they're supposed to happen. 

Little Sister

When your little sister is your best friend you kinda already hit the jackpot, right? Then when she can whip this up. Well..

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